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My Story


I figured out that I was introducing a tremendous amount of sodium to my diet during food preparation with the spice blends that I regularly used. To address this, I tried several of the leading salt-free spice blends available at most grocery stores, purchased many others at high end food shops and on-line. However, I could not capture the rich, complex flavors that I normally enjoyed.  


In frustration and searching for an answer, I began experimenting with my own spice combinations.  With much effort and prayer I was able to achieve the flavors I desired without salt! The response of friends and family to the taste and appearance of the spice was overwhelmingly positive. But, most importantly I discovered salt free spice blends could taste amazing!  It was such a relief to be able to once again enjoy home cooked dinners knowing that I was not compromising my health or my family.


I decided to bottle my premium spice blends so that others could enjoy the benefits of salt free cooking.  I created Metro Spice Co. and launched Donna Marie's Salt Free Spice Blends in 2014.  


My family is my inspiration. Each premium spice blend is inspired by my children:


Signature Blend – Inspired by my daughter Nicole, practical and dependable.

Smoke and Sizzle – Inspired by my oldest son Gabriel, always center stage.

Sweet Burn– Inspired by my youngest son Xavier, filled with fire and spice.


Today, I exercise regularly and enjoy a low sodium diet.  My goal is to provide flavorful, salt -free options for those who want a healthier diet.  Experience the immense flavors of Donna Marie's salt-free premium blends.

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