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Eating at Restaurants Can Be Tricky

FACT: Eating at restaurants can be tricky. It is pretty much a reality that eating out is going to ruin your sodium allowance for the day. It’s more of a question of how much damage is going to be done. Remember the American Heart Association recommends a daily allowance of 1500 mg of sodium. I have found often times what I think is a low sodium menu option is absolutely not the case.

At Panera Bread you will find that a cupcake can contain half the sodium as a bagel. Beware of the morning scone it could contain 750 to 900 mg of salt. Two cookies could be a lower sodium choice!

At IHOP, French toast will be a better selection than the pancake offerings. French toast sodium content ranges from 750 to 1160 mg while pancake sodium content ranges from 1600 to 2430 mg. Save half the sodium with French toast. Or do the more practical thing and select Oatmeal or even grits (135 mg) and toast (330 mg).

TIP: Plan Ahead. Planning ahead will give you greater control over your food selections and help you enjoy the meal. One of the best tools that you can use is the Nutritional Information Guide for a given restaurant. This guide provides nutritional information for all menu items provided at a restaurant. It includes sodium, fat and calories. Most restaurants will have this available on the internet or in the restaurant.

Who new salt free could be so exciting!

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