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Beware of the Dip

Fact: Beware of the Dip. So many of us love to dip. We love to dip our French fries, chicken strips, carrot sticks, celery sticks, chips and everything else. The downside is that dipping can result in excessive sodium consumption if you are not careful. Remember that the American Heart Association recommends a daily sodium intake of 1,500 mg. A single serving size of most dips account for 20+% of the daily allowance.

Sodium Content of Dipping Favorites

Barbecue Sauce: 2 Tablespoons, 380 mg of sodium (25% of daily sodium allowance)

Ranch Dressing: 2 Tablespoon, 328 mg of sodium (22% of daily sodium allowance)

Ketchup: 1 Tablespoon, 190 mg of sodium (13% of daily sodium allowance)

Low Sodium Soy Sauce: 1 Tablespoon, 575 mg of sodium (38% of daily sodium allowance)

Tip: How to Dip Healthier 1. When possible read the label. Ideally, read the label before you purchase to compare. There can be a wide disparity in the amount of sodium in the same type of dips. Make sure you look at the serving size. 2. Plan for the dip. If you plan to dip you can eliminate salt from the fries, select salt free chips or use salt free seasoning for the meats to help balance the sodium in the meal. 3. Make your own dips. This ensures you know exactly what you are consuming. There are many recipes for low or no sodium dips on the internet.


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