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Try Breaking It Up

I recently had a conversation with two lovely ladies. They asked me how am I able to manage a low sodium diet. I told them that it took a long time for me to get serious and that was the story behind Donna Marie’s salt free spices. I will jump to the present but if you are interested in learning more about me and why I launched this company use the website link here.

I shared with the ladies that I try to break up the day based around breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Breakfast For breakfast I try my best to go “sodium free” this usually means Old Fashioned Quaker Oats with fresh fruit. The fruit is my variety. Sometimes berries, apples, bananas or some combination. This meal comes in around 20 to 30mg of sodium. The sodium is from the soy milk that I use.

Another go to for me for breakfast it to swap out the soy milk with soy yogurt. Add in the oatmeal and fruit. This is around 75mg of sodium due to the yogurt.

If I have time and need something heavier I will make potatoes with onions on the stove. Sweet Burn or Signature Blend can be added for additional flavor. This option is 0mg of sodium. If needed you can add a protein but it will likely cost 200 mg of sodium per link.

If I have no time, I grab a Belvita Breakfast bar, fruit, coffee and hit the car. This is around 200mg of sodium

Lunch Lunch can be very difficult if you have to go out to eat. My preference is to take leftover dinner but this is not always possible. A few places that work okay if I am on the go is Jimmy John’s lettuce wrap veggie, Subway's veggie sandwich but watch the sauces, Panera's Fuji Chicken Salad. Biggest thing is to try and avoid cheese and processed meats.

Dinner This is where I am in absolute control because I have the right tools on hand. Ready to go salt free spice blends. For dinner I am preparing meat, fish and vegetables with Donna Marie’s salt free spice blends. This means that I am not adding sodium to the foods that I cook. In some situations you may find that food already contains sodium. For example, meats are typically injected or placed in a salt brine to increase flavor or appearance. Or if you are making a dish that calls for cheese, the cheese contains sodium. The same is true for condiments like barbeque and hot sauce.

So in short, I try to go sodium free for breakfast, watch my sodium intake for lunch and prepare dinner by not adding sodium with seasoning. Snacks are carefully planned and often include fruit, yogurt, nuts, pretzels and sometimes chocolate.

I am hopeful this may help someone in their journey to a healthier lifestyle. I am usually able to keep my sodium intake to around 1000mg to 1500mg a day using this approach

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