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How Much to Use. New Cooking Videos.

How to Use Donna Marie's Salt Free Spice Blends

1. How Much to Use

Remember there is absolutely no salt in our spices.  In the case of Donna Marie's spices you want to enjoy the spices and herbs for the taste and potential positive health benefits.  You do not need to be conservative with the portion. In most cases you want to cover the meat or fish with the spice blend (both sides). 

2. Which Spice to Use 

Signature Blend goes well with all meats, fish, potatoes and vegetables and is considered a "base" spice.   Meaning if there is a particular spice that you love it will compliment the Signature Blend. So go ahead garlic lovers add the extra garlic!

Smoke and Sizzle has flavors representative of outdoor cooking.  The spice can be used indoors or out. You will find that Smoke and Sizzle is full of flavor and works well on meat or fish solid or ground.  It is also an excellent choice for meats that require extended cooking time in the oven or smoker. 

SweetBurn  will awake the taste buds with sweet and spicy flavors. It is an excellent choice for sprinkling on salads, side dishes, popcorn, french fries, baked beans and raw vegetables. If you enjoy spicy and exotic flavors, it works great with solid meats and fish.  We really enjoy preparing a solid meat like chicken breast with Sweet Burn  and then cutting the meat for use in a salad, wrap or other type of sandwich. 

Mix it up! You will notice that several of our recipes encourage you to combine the spices. We have found that mixing the spice blends results in an even greater dimension of salt free flavor bliss.  Enjoy!

3.  Make It Easy

When in doubt use a spice paste for solid meats and fish.  Use a 2 to 1 ratio.  2 tablespoons of spice and 1 tablespoon of oil (Extra Virgin Olive Oil).  Combine to form a paste and apply to the meat or fish. This is a great way to evenly distribute the spices and herbs. 

Videos of Meals Prepared with Donna Marie's Spices

Best Corn on the Cob (Zero Sodium, So Easy)

Stuffed Bell Peppers with Pico de Gallo

Smoked Barbecue Turkey Burgers

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