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I would have been lost

I think back on 2012 and I know I would have been lost. There is no doubt in my mind that my answer for a quick dinner would have been a phone call for pizza delivery, a frozen dinner like a Marie Callender chicken pot pie or a quick carry out from a favorite restaurant. The one thing they all had in common was just what I didn’t need at the time, an abundance of sodium fueling my high blood pressure. I was so proud of myself to be able to reflect on this memory as I enjoyed my “what could I possibly have for dinner meal yesterday.” Well I was able to truly enjoy corn tortilla tacos loaded with chicken, kale, tomatoes and a corn salsa.

The meal was filling, creative for what I had in the refrigerator, delicious and low sodium. I estimate less than 200 mg with the corn tortillas and chicken. (Most store bought raw chicken is injected with a salt water solution!) Keep in mind we are aiming for a total intake of 1500 mg of sodium per day (per the American Health Association). My old go to items would have easily consumed the 1500 mg of sodium for a single meal. A slice of pizza can contain 600 mg of sodium or more depending on toppings.

I encourage you to read the nutritional labels of all the foods you eat. Including searching the nutrition facts for food items at restaurants before you go! Make this a habit. As you learn how you are consuming your sodium content you will be able to understand how to make adjustments that will work for you. As well as getting creative by introducing foods that are ultra-low in sodium or don’t contain sodium at all. I have learned that vegetables, fruits and nuts can be life and meal savers. I progressed from dinners with one canned vegetable to one frozen vegetable to two plus fresh vegetables for every meal. We can all change with prayer, knowledge and effort.

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