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Name one thing in common..

What is one thing we ALL have in common? Our health. We all want to be healthy. Healthy enough to do the things that bring us joy. I’ve shared before that this desire is what forced me to change my eating habits and to start moving my body after a diagnosis of hypertension at the age of 35. And eventually led me to launching Donna Marie’s Spices. It didn’t happen overnight but it’s amazing how small incremental changes can result in huge rewards.

Over the years, these 3 principles have helped me to focus on my diet and exercise.

1. Moderation is better than elimination.

2. Quantify the goal.

3. Hard work deserves a reward.

It’s easier for me to know that I should reduce something in my diet versus elimination. For example, this is how I manage my sodium intake. I know I can have 1500 mg of sodium a day. Now the question becomes how do I want to use the 1500 mg?

I always do better mentally with a workout when I know exactly how long (time or distance)? Honestly, this is one of the things that hooked me on distance running. You run/walk the exact amount. No more, no less!

Who doesn’t love a reward? You have to treat yourself within reason when something goes as planned. I believe all significant accomplishments should be celebrated. Keep in mind, the reward does not have to be a food reward.

As always, good luck with your health journey.

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