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Never Quit

We have to remind ourselves to never quit. Each day brings new opportunities and choices that we can control and most importantly learn from. My hypertension journey has led me on paths that I would have never imagined. It’s made me a healthier person, increased my faith, provided me with some wonderful friendships and travels and resulted in me launching a spice business. I would have never thought these things to be true. Especially running a full marathon in New Orleans or figuring out how to eliminate salt from a spice blend and maintain amazing flavor. It’s only the grace of God. My prayer for you is that you use the opportunity of living a healthier life style to lead you on a new journey of amazing experiences.

Here’s a few of my health tips to keep you on your goal of limiting sodium intake*.

-Corn Tortillas (~20 mg ) vs. Flour Tortillas (340 mg), serving size 2 tortillas

-Sriracha mixed with White Vinegar (75 mg) vs. Franks Red Hot (190 mg), 1 teaspoon

-Fresh Cut Potatoes (0 mg) vs Frozen French Fries (350 mg), 17 fries. Really!

*sodium values will vary by brand.

Please share your low sodium tips at We all want to learn to be healthier.

Take care and stay healthy

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