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My Story

I started blending Donna Marie's salt free spice blends in 2013 as a solution to reduce my sodium intake. I had been diagnosed with hypertension 3 years prior at the age of 35. Sad to say, but it took 3 years for me to accept the diagnosis and take action to control my blood pressure.  From the outside I appeared to be healthy, fit and I felt pretty good. However, the reality was that my blood pressure was not stable, my eating habits were poor and I did not fully understand how my eating decisions were impacting my overall health.  Continue


Why Donna Marie Spices?

Our salt free spice blends provide a dimension of flavor unlike others because they are specially selected, natural and time dated. Donna Marie's blends will appeal to your senses with deep aromas and vibrant colors and keep you on track with a low sodium diet.


To maintain the integrity of the spices and herbs our products are produced in small batches. Prior to shipment, each batch completes a curing (rotating and mixing) process to release and evenly distribute the flavors and fragrances that result in the immense taste of our spice blends.  



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